Transfer Everything From Samsung to iPhone (iPhone 6S included)

By Andre Cooper on November 27, 2015 14:28:01 PM.

Samsung to iPhone transfer

When upgrading from one iPhone to another, transferring your existing data and settings to your new device is easy. But, when you're faced with the task of moving content from an Android phone to an iPhone, the process can be a bit trickier. If you're an Samsung user thinking about switching to iPhone, you just find the right tutorial here! We have tested many ways to transfer important data from Samsung phone to iPhone, here we will share the easiest and safest way to do it.

If your iPhone is running iOS 9 or higher, you can use the Move to iOS app to pull your contacts, photos, and more from your old Samsung phone to your new iPhone. The app, made for Android (Apple's first Android app, actually), hooks the two phones up with a direct Wi-Fi network and transfers over all your data. Depending on how much is on your phone, it could take a while to transfer everything, but the wireless device-to-device connection makes for a relatively speedy transfer process.

If you have lots of data to be transferred, we reccommend you to use this Samsung to iPhone Transfer (For Windows & For Mac). It can transfer over all of your data – including contacts text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and more – with no risk or loss of quality between iOS & Samsung devices. Most importantly, it transfers all of your content to your new device in minutes and seconds not hours. Its multi-thread technology allows multiple data to be transferred simultaneously.

The following is a detailed tutorial about how to transfer files from Samsung to iPhones using Samsung to iPhone Transfer. Please download this useful tool on your Windows or Mac computer first before getting started for FREE.


Samsung to iPhone Transfer - Transfer Content from Samsung to iPhone Quickly

Step 1Launch the program and connect your Samsung phone and iPhone to Windows PC or Mac

Please download the right version and install on your computer according to the operating system of your computer. Now separate version for Windows and Mac are both available. After then, you should connect your two phones with your computer respectively with its USB cable. This software will detect your Samsung phone and iPhone automatically.

connect your iphone

Step 2Transfer files from Samsung to iPhone or other iOS devices

In the main window of Samsung to iPhone Transfer you can see that your two Phones are displayed side by side, with all the data that can be transferred checked. To move everything from Samsung to iPhone, just check all files and click "Start Copy".

transfer from Samsung to iPhone

That's it! All your files will be moved from your Samsung to iPhone safely. If you want to transfer content from other Android phone or Windows phone/Nokia Symbian phone to iPhone, this Transfer will help as well. It supports over 3000 devices including, Samsung, apple, Lumia, LG, Sony, HTC, Google, Huawei and more. It's fully compatible with major providers such as: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Download it for a try now!


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