Phone to Phone Transfer

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By Wemwang 2015-06-15

Amazing and Worth the Price!

Really good program to transfer data from one phone to another...I just got a new phone and was dreading moving all my stuff over from my old phone. I found your product, MobileTrans and decided to give it a try. So glad I did, it was worth every penny! I had everything moved over in a jiffy, with no problems. Thanks a lot!

By baihong 2015-06-10

Does exactly what it promises

Extremely user friendly, even for novice users. Transferred all my contacts and text messages from my old to new android phone in just a couple of clicks. Extremely user friendly, even for novice users. I also used it to transfer everything from my mother's old phone to her new one, and she was delighted. Very worthwhile purchase, I recommend this program wholeheartedly.

By NorRoxCal 2015-06-01

Best Transfer tool ever

Used Mobiletrans to move my Data including SMS/Call Logs from Samsung Note 3 to Iphone 6. It was easy to use, just connect the two phones, both were recognised and transfer was done at click of a button.

By Steven 2015-05-25

It's a very simple phone transfer tool

It's a very simple phone transfer tool. Transfer any data, you only need one click, and with no extra help of other tools. Great!

By Curtainmov 2015-04-10

Simple, trustworthy

I just bought a brand-new HTC . I use this tool. To my surprise, I manage to transfer music, contacts, text messages, videos and apps to my HTC. It's so great!!!

By MandyLin 2015-04-25

Easy too use!

I used this to go between Motorola mesmerize and the Samsung Mega. I'm not really tech oriented but this made it pretty simple. Took half the time than when I set up the Note 3!

By Maria Ressa 2015-04-10

All in one click!

This application does exactly what it says it will do. It is so easy to use, all you gotta do is connect your old phone and new phone, and hit the start button. The support team has been very patient in explaining and answering inquires. It is beyond worth it. I highly recommend this product. Cost-effective!

By Saso Popovski 2015-03-18

Cool product, it worked!

Just connected Nokia 5800 and Samsung Core simultaneously and clicking the mouse button. Over 5000 sms were copied from Symbian to Android just like that!

By Patricia 2015-03-01

Awesome Product

Overall it's a great product if you are looking to transfer data between iPhone and Android Phone. No hassle required! Easy to use. Transfer all the data including SMS, Contacts and Call Logs