Phone to Phone Transfer for Mac

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By Leanne Field 2015-06-28


All I had to do was plug both phones in and the software recognised them immediately and with one click the data was transferred over. I use a mac and there was no problem. Just brilliant.

By baihong 2015-06-20

Does exactly what it promises

Spent ages trying to transfer text messages from a HTC one to new IPhone and nothing worked. Purchased this and worked perfectly transferring 8,466 messages in no time at all. Can't express how much this saved me. Transferred all other data as well (photos, music,playlists, contacts etc) in one simple process.

By Betsy McCrate 2015-06-01

Awesome Product

I was told by a customer service rep at Sprint that I could not transfer my music from my iPhone 4s to my new Galaxy s5. Then I googled it and found this product. I was skeptical, but I paid the money and hoped for the best! I have to say that you need to be patient after hooking the two phones up for the program to read your old phone if it has a lot of data. Once that is done (and it took at least 10 minutes for it to read my data) I hit the button to transfer and the process was smooth sailing.

By Steven 2015-05-25

It's a very simple phone transfer tool

It probably took about 5 minutes for it to transfer 150 songs. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to transfer data from one phone to another!

By Elias Eldabbagh 2015-05-10

Nexus Nirvana

I didn't think it was possible to sync my Android, Nexus 5 with all the old stuff from my iPhone. This did the trick! Thank you guys for the great software. Couldn't ask for any better!

By Humphrey Hill 2015-04-28

A headache saver!

A trouble free experience. I especially appreciate the fact that , the software is so easy to use that you don\'t have to look up the instructions. A headache saver!

By Jesse Brook 2015-04-20

What I export

Have to say that it's easy installing it and easy using it. It does what it has to do and that\'s what I expect THANKS!

By Augus Smith 2015-03-28

Thank you!

iTunes said my phone data was corrupted and wanted to wipe my phone before doing a restore. Guess what.... It wasn't corrupted... Phone to Phone Transfer for Mac transferred everything (except apps) to my new Samsung Galaxy note 3. What a relief....... I never liked iTunes it always gave me problems. Thank you iOSMate...Brilliant.

By By Matthew Reed 2015-03-15

Easy to use

Ease of use, one click and all my phone contacts were in my android nexus phone. Good job!