iPad/iPhone/iPod Manager for Mac

iPad/iPhone/iPod Manager for Mac Tutorial

Allow Mac users transfer music, videos and photos from iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad to iTunes Library, Mac computer, and vice versa. And manage music, playlist, videos, photos and photo albums easily.

How to Export iPhone/iPod/iPad Music and Playlists to iTunes Library on Mac

Copy Music and Playlists from iDevices to iTunes Library with a Single Click

After you connect iPod touch/nano/shuffle/classic, iPhone or iPad to your Mac and launch iOS Manager for Mac, Click "To iTunes" at the bottom of the window.

Export from iPhone to iTunes

And then you can see a new window pops up, telling you that all songs and playlists missing from your iTunes Library will be transferred to your iTunes Library with ratings and play counts. Click "Start" to begin the transferring process.

copy music from iphone to itunes

This is the quickest way to copy music and playlists from your iPhone, iPod touch/nano/shuffle/classic, and iPad to your iTunes Library on Mac. Besides, you can also choose to copy music and playlists to your iTunes Library in the "Music" window. To learn more, read the following infomation.

Copy Playlists from iPhone, iPod nano/shuffle/classic/touch, and iPad to iTunes Library

If you're going to copy some playlists from your iPhone, iPod touch/nano/shuffle/classic, or iPad to iTunes Library, please click "Music" on the left side of the main window. And then you can see playlists on listed from the right side of the popped up window. Right click on the playlist you need and select "Export to iTunes".

Note: Now, you can transfer music and playlists from iPod nano/classic/shuffle/touch to iTunes/Mac without a hitch.

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How to Export Music, Photos, and Videos on iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac

In the above section, we've introduced how to export all the songs on an iOS device to iTunes Library. However, sometimes, you might need to transfer some selected songs from your iPhone/iPod touch/nano/shuffle/classic/iPad to iTunes or your Mac. In this case, you should follow the tips below to do it.

• To transfer iPhone, iPod nano/shuffle/classic/touch or iPad music to Mac or iTunes Library, click Music in the left column of the main window to enter the Music window. Here all audio files are displayed by category. To transfer music, click Music on the right side of window. Then you can see all music files are listed in the left pane. Select the songs you want and click "Export to Mac" or "Export to iTunes". It's the same to transfer Podcasts, iTunes U, audiobooks and voice memos too.

Note: In the songs list, you might see iTunes icons. If an iTunes icon appears in front of a song, it means iOS Manager for Mac has detected that this song has already existed on both your device and iTunes Library. If so, you don't need to transfer it to your iTunes Library.

• To transfer iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad photos to Mac, click Photo in the left column and you'll see all the photos presently on your device. In the right column, click Camera Roll or Photo Library to reveal the photos contained in those two spots. Click to select the photos you want to export to Mac, and then click "Export" at the top of the main window.

export photos from ios devices to mac

If you want to export a whole photo album to your Mac, right-click the album name in the right column. Select "Export" in the pop-up list.

export photo albums from ios devices to mac

• To transfer videos to your Mac, click Videos in the left column. Then in the right side of the Video window, you'll see all your videos sorted by category: Movies, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, and Music Videos. Click the video type, then find the video you wish to transfer to Mac computer on the left pane. Click Export at the top of the window.

expor iphone videos to mac

How to Transfer music/videos/photos from Mac Computer to iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

It's very easy to transfer music/videos/images from Mac computer to iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. Click Music, Videos, or Photos in the left column. Then click Add at the top. In the window that appears, browse your Mac for the files you want to add to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. After finding them, click Open to add them to your iOS device.

add video to ios device

Tips: You can also click Media Browse, then click Audio, Image or Movies to find your files. Select the songs, videos, or images you want and drag them to the left window. That's it. With iOS Manager for Mac, files on your device will never be overwritten when new files are added.

iOS Manager for Mac enables you to convert incompatible files to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad friendly formats. When you drag the incompatible music or videos to your device via iOS Manager for Mac, a window will pop up, asking you to convert the files. You should click Convert to begin the format conversion. After conversion is finished, click Add to import the files to your device.

convert video to ipad

How to Manage music, videos, and photos on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

iOS Manager for Mac is a professional iPhone/iPod touch/ iPad manager. It enables you to manage audio files, videos, and photos on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad easily and efficiently.

• Manage audio files. Click Music in the left column to enter the audio file window. From right side of the window, you'll see the Type for audio files and playlists. In the Type list, select any of the type for audio files. In the left pane, you can see all the files for this type. Select one and click Delete. In the Playlist area, you can create new playlist by clicking "Add Playlist". And then drag audio files from the left pane to the playlist.

manage ios music

• Manage photos and photo albums. Click Photos in the left column of the main window to bring out the window to photos. Then from the right pane, you can see all photos are in two places: Camera Roll and Photo Library. Select any photo, you can click the delete button to delete it. To create a new photo album, click "Add Albums". Then name the album and drag pictures from the left pane to the album.

manage ios photos

• Manage videos. Movies, TV Shows, iTunes U, etc. are listed on the left. You can click the corresponding video to enter the editing window. From here, you can add, delete or export videos.

manage ios videos