iPad/iPhone/iPod Manager for Mac

Ratings & Reviews

By Omar Gonzalez 2015-06-28

Amazing Software.

It works great, it made my life easier. Transferring my music from Ipad to Macbook Pro or vice versa has never been so easy. Thanks guys, you really know what you are doing.

By Claire 2015-06-10

Get my iTunes Music Library Back!!!

My Mac had suddenly died and lost my iTunes music. So I thought I'll lost the songs forever until a search found me iOS Manager for Mac. It worked flawlessly to copy music from my ipod touch to my iTunes music Library on Mac.

By Clara 2015-05-19

Works so well in OS X Mavericks

Tried it in the latest OS X Mavericks. It does such an amazing job to copy songs from my iphone 5s OS 7 to iMac. Well done!

By ZionCara 2015-04-28

Wanna recommend it to people

I have used iOS Manager for some years now and I am very happy to recommend it. I have used it many times to backup my iphone to my macbook air.

By Horace 2015-04-05

Fantastic product!!!

Fantastic product!!! my macbook pro just crashed, lost iTunes Library. This product rebuild my itunes library by transferring songs I've saved on my ipod touch.

By Audrey 2015-03-20

Have put all songs from ipod touch to iphone 5s

It really worked well and i was able to save all my prescious songs from ipod touch to iPhone 5s. I really appreciate what you've done.

By John 2015-03-01

The best tool for iphone

This is the best desk iPhone app I've ever encountered, stable, easy-to-use, user-friendly. The only thing i expect is that more features for managing photos to be added. thanks!

By Eleanore 2015-02-25

Extremely useful

I have downloaded some songs directly on my iphone 5. now i can transfer these songs to iTunes Library on my macbook pro. this is amazing!

By John Green 2015-02-21

Good job

You guys have done a good job. this app is great in transferring iphone music to Mac, it saves my time to have a the job done. thank you!