iOS Data Recovery for Mac

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By Nicholas 2015-06-25


For the price that this is sold for, iOS Data Recovery for Mac is amazing. No other product can do what this product does for the price that this is sold for. THIS IS A MUST HAVE ON MY MACBOOK AND MY iMAC.

By Erin J. 2015-06-20

Thank you thank you thank you!

It actually works, don't know how, but it does. Accidentally restored an incorrect backup to my iPhone when upgrading iOS. Thank god for iOS Data Recovery, because I was able to recover all my photos that had been deleted by the wrong backup.

By Mike 2015-05-20

lost important text message

i somehow lost an important client on my text imessage so i was really upset because it was a big contract we got for my business, downloaded this software and it brought out the deleted message. this program works 100% and i would recommend it to everyone i know.

By Austin 2015-05-02

Amazing! Must Buy!

One of the best recovery apps out there! The option to use icloud is the best feature. My suggestion for a future update would be to select certain file types before you start recovering so you don't have to wait so long if you just want to recover certain things. Like if I just wanted to recover all my contacts and notes, there needs to be an option before you start recovering to select certain files within the back up.

By Tannuty 2015-03-19

Good Job iOS Data Recovery

This software is amazing. With this tool I recovered my old school days pictures :) Good Job iOS Data Recovery :)

By Omar 2015-02-10

Great. I did this.

Great. I did this. It saved me the fuss. Thanks a lot.

By Rugna 2015-01-25

Thank You So Much

I really needed to find a contact that i had not stored and which got lost as i upgraded my phone! but this product worked wonders!!!! I got all my imessage history back as well as the contact number! thanks!!!

By Lina 2015-01-10

Thank you iOS Data Recovery!

I thought it would be easy once you just backup your file to iTunes. Well I guess I'd accept all the help I can get to recover some files I accidentally deleted from my iPod touch. Thanks for the help here. I just downloaded iOS Data Recovery and I'm now ready to recover those files. Thanks for the instructions as well!

By Carol 2015-01-05


I upgraded to IOS 8 on my iPhone 5s and lost all images on my iPhone. Some of these were very important. Recovered all. Great product!!