How to Transfer Music, Video, Contacts, Images from PC to iPod

By Andre Cooper on October 5, 2015 18:50:00 PM.

"I have iPod Nano and i want to transfer songs from pc to ipod but i dont know how should I go. please help me out."

Well, in our life we all have experience transferring of files from our PC to iPod. Many times, we need to carry our important files from iPod and in such scenario, the transferring of files from PC to iPod comes to use. There are different ways to transfer files from PC to iPod.

If you are tired of iTunes's synchronization features, then we have an PC to iPod transfer tool named iPod Manager. With this tool you can transfer music, movies, photos, messages, contacts and other files from your iPod to a computer/iTunes and from your computer to iPod and iTunes with ease. All these two methods of transfer of files are effective for the proper transfer of files from PC to iPod.

Easily Transfer Files from PC to iPod without iTunes

Are you looking for an alternative to iTunes for copying all kinds of files from PC to your iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod nano? If you want another way to copy music, videos, photos, audiobook, podcast and more from computer to your iPod without iTunes, this PC to iPod Transfer Tool is an awesome option. It is packed full of features designed to make managing your iPod as simple as possible.

Download and have a try the professional Computer to iPod Transfer Software. It supports the latest iOS 9 (also compatible with older iOS versions) and iTunes 12.

First, connect your device(s) via a USB cable(s) and open the program window.

Connect PC to iPod Transfer

Step 1Import music, videos and more media files from PC to iPhone

To import music, videos, TV shows, music videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks, simply click on Media in the left column, then either click music, video, etc. Then click the triangle under "Add" button >"Add File" or "Add Folder". This will bring up your Windows file browser, from which you can select files to import from your PC.

Transfer Music, Videos from PC to iPod

You can create playlists and add music and video,etc. to your iDevices. Right click Playlist to create a new playlist, then click the Add button to import music and videos from your PC.

Copy Playlist from PC to iPod

Step 2 Transfer Photos from PC to iPod

Apart from importing photos, images from PC to iPod, you can still create albums and add your favorite photos in it. Simply right click Photos in the left column to create a new album, then click "Add" to import photos from your computer.

Import Photos from PC to iPhone with PC to iPod Transfer

Step 3 Add New Contacts via Your PC to iPod

Click "New" to open the "Add new contact" window. As you can see, you can edit name, email and phone number, or you can click "Add Folder" to add website, date and address and more.

Add New Contact via PC to iPod

Note: The contacts that you add will be saved on your iDevice. This software doesn't support adding contacts to the iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo!, etc.

Move Content from iTunes on your PC to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Learn how to manually add specific songs or videos onto your iOS device from your computer. By default, iTunes manages the content of your iTunes library (including your music, TV shows, movies, and more) manually, which gives you control over the content you want to take with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is useful if your iTunes library contains more items than can fit on your device.

Please Note: When you have iCloud Music Library turned on, you can't manually manage music. You can still manage videos using the steps below. How to manually add items from comptuer to iPod?

Step 1Connect your device to your computer.

Launch iTunes and connect connect your iPod to PC via a USB cable(s).

Step 2Choose the content that you want to add to your device from your iTunes library.

Connect iPod to Computer to Transfer from PC to iPod

Drag the content to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. A panel should appear. Locate your device.

Import from iTunes Library on PC to iPod

If you're using an iPhone, you can only add music or video from a single iTunes Library.

If you can't manually add or remove content from iTunes on PC to your iPod.
Check to make sure that the "Manually manage music and videos" option is turned on:

Step 1Connect your device to your computer.

Open iTunes. Connect your device to your computer. Locate and click on your device.

Locate your iPhone to make PC to iPod Transfer

Step 2In the left sidebar, click Summary.

Click Summary and scroll down to the Options section. Click the box next to "Manually manage music and videos."

Manually manage music and videos to make PC to iPod Transfer

Step 3Click Apply.

You might see a message that your device is synced with another library. This means that you've used a different computer to sync your device in the past, and iTunes can't sync without first erasing and replacing all iTunes content on your device.

More information about the iTunes Alternative -- PC to iPod Transfer:

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