iOS Data Recovery

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By Anita 2015-06-20

All you need to recover everything on your iphone

I have used a lot of programs on my quest to recover my phone data and i have used a lot of programs that promise the earth and give you nothing at all. If I had found this program first I could have saved hours and hours. All you have to do is plug the phone in, a scanning screen comes up fro a few minutes and then you are on to a screen with all the items you have lost. It splits the recoverable items up in to sections such as photos and messages. It really could not be any easier to find what you are looking for. I was shocked by how easy it was to use and how well the user interface was set out.

By Evanlvy 2015-06-08

It Saves My iPhone5s!!!

I have puchased iOS Data Recovery a few days ago, i don't know the reason why, i have tried to download the backup from icloud, before the download the file size was about 264MB after the downoad it was 198Mb and I couldn't find Whatsapp messages. So i have tried to restore data from my itunes backup. The file size was 268mb....and it worked perfectly!!!

By Sky 2015-05-27

Lost photos restored

Lucikly the minute I deleted my photos accidentally,the first thing I did was turn off my iPhone and stopped using it, no syncing iPhone with iTunes, avoiding iTunes backup being updated.Then find recovery software like iOS Data Recovery to help. That's how i got my photos back.

By Clack Steel 2015-05-10

Data recovered

This program rocks!!! My phone went into recovery mode while downloading the latest update. I thought I was going to lose all my data (most terrified about losing pictures), because of course I didn't have cloud backup. Anyway after trying TinyUmbrella and RecBoot with NO success, I came across this program. I am so thrilled and happy that it worked, and my phone exited recovery mode, all my data was recovered!

By Fnatictich 2015-04-25

Very powerful with nice UI, worked on many iDevices

I downloaded this program and it was such a useful application, it worked on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPad, iPod. It recovered contacts, messages, photos, notes, call history, calendars, voicemail, voice memos, etc. I was able to get the lost data back and I will keep it for rainy days for sure. Highly recommended!

By Kyoylo Ressa 2015-04-10

A must-have application

This application does exactly what it says it will do. It is so easy to use, all you gotta do is connect your old phone and new phone, and hit the start button. The support team has been very patient in explaining and answering inquires. It is beyond worth it. I highly recommend this product. Cost-effective!

By Saso BoozeWz 2015-03-25

It helped me recover my voicemails

I was pleased with the product when I tried it for the first time after I bought it. It recognized the phone and threw out things! I recovered the voicemails I needed!

By Melissa Rch 2015-03-10

Really helpful

My naughty little kid deleted all the photos off my iPhone 4S but this amazing software did exactly what I needed it to do and was worth every penny! It was easy to use and I liked that I could preview the data.

By Wemwang 2015-03-05

good very good apps

Very good application, greating, this is the best program for people who want get photos or other files from phone memory.